Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Starting yesterday!

I always say... I'll start first thing tomorrow. Ugh! Does it really ever start tomorrow. NO!

Yesterday was my first day of actually doing my plan, my doctors plan, and feeling good about it. You don't know what the heck I'm talking about? Well I'll lay it all out for you.

1. I've been big my whole life... I guess since 3rd grade. I always felt big, but looking back.. I was still super cute and not even close to chubby.
2. I "broke" my hip when I was 12 it's called Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE) and it changed my life forever. Good and bad... you'll hear about that... don't you worry.
3. I've grown to be the woman I have wanted to be my whole life. My friends, family, my attitude, my spirit, drive, and genuine about every endeavor in my life... I just wish I wasn't confined in this big body.
4. I got in a wreck on 10.27.11 and it's kicked my trash with all my back and hip problems alike. 

So with that said... I've been doing really well since yesterday and that is better than nothing!

Right now I'm going to Dr. Leif Erik Nielson for chiropractic and Krista Clark for massage/physical therapy. They are both amazing help. I have been seeing Nielson for at least 3 years and has helped me get back into the position that I could exercise again! Now this stinking wreck broke me... Broke my spirit and faith that I will ever be okay with my pain, mobility, and ability to lose weight. I've been working with them for about a month and it's finally feeling like there MIGHT be hope.

The run down of my day... I wake up in pain... my upper back, my neck, and my hips are aching through the entire night. The morning though.. they are even worse.



screaming at me, "How dare you ever sleep"

I lay in my bed awake... convincing myself that I can get up and get through the day. Finally after at least 3 snoozes, the sun comes shining in my face, I hear all the doors of my roommates slamming to get to work, and me arguing with myself that I can do this.... Victory over comes and I start my day!

Physical Therapy 2 times a week

Chiropractor 3 times a week

Working out (walking) 3 times a week

Now to the working out... okay so my Dr's said that Curves is the perfect workout for someone that is recovering like myself... I have a Curves membership, so AWESOME! Have I gone once? NO! Why? I'm scared. Scared to fail, hurt, and of course the little old ladies will wonder where I have been. The nice workers will say... "She's back again... great! Lets motivate her and tell her that we are glad she is back". As nice as that is, it makes it all worse. Don't notice that I've been gone for months and don't announce it to all the Curves ladies that I'm a slacker by no coming!

My goal this week?
1. Get a job and go!
2. Go to Curves at least once this week. It's Tuesday, so it's possible right?!

Now for eating... It all comes down to consumption and is it possible for me to really eat healthy. Your asking, "What fad diet is she going to do?" NONE!

Eating Plan:
1. Drink at least 64 oz of water a day
2. No bread or pure starches (Dr's request)
3. No Dairy (stomachs request)
4. No fast food

I feel like this already limits me sooo much. I ate really well yesterday except Peter's cookies begged me to eat at least 4 through the whole day. I had my last ever yogurt for breakfast with yummy fruit... Lunch was the best homemade tomato soup.

Dinner was by far the best! Seasoned galosh (Can of green beans, 2 oz of turkey burger, 1/2 of mushrooms, seasoned pepper, Cheyenne pepper, chicken seasoning) It was really good and I didn't miss the noodles/rice/bread on the side! Did you notice I didn't add an ounce of oil or fat... it was amazing too!

I'm going to be browsing the net and finding other yummer recipes that I can enjoy without guilt or failure plaguing me!